Magical Fairy Garden Birthday Party

Brianna Kozlarek / Monday July 1, 2019

Guys – we’re officially jealous of this adorable children’t birthday party today. Like, can we crash it? Copy it? It’s SO good! The theme was a magical fairy garden and omg did they knock it out of the park. The backyard decor is dreamy and lush, there’ fairy wings and wands, gorgeous desserts and even a mani pedi station.

“Josephine and Eleanor’s birthdays are a week a part so every year we make a huge celebration out of their joint birthday parties.  It’s something our friends and family look forward to enjoying alike.  Rather than more traditional pastels, I opted to go for a deep and inviting color palate for their fairy themed party.  I wanted the kids to feel like they were swept away into an enchanted garden so I built a tunnel over the kids table and Not Just in Novels transformed it with beautiful jewel toned blooms and southern smilax.  It was absolutely magical to sit engulfed in dripping blooms and butterflies.” I mean, talk about a childhood dream come true!

There was no shortage of sweets for the guests. The Pelata Bar provided a perfectly themed treat for guests who could add their choice of glittery or starry fairy pixie dust to their delicious popsicle.  Other delights included gorgeous rich toned sugar cookies from Jessi Loves Sugar Cookies and the daintiest  buttercream floral cakes from Sweet Song Bird Bakery.

“We personalized the fairy wings so that each tiny guest was a different garden fairy.  These floral fairies enjoyed themselves as they “made a little magic” at the wand decorating table and got their nails “fairy” sparkly at the Mobile Salon bar provided by Nails by Colvon.   There was a just a bit of fun for all! For the photo backdrop I scattered lush silk blooms in colors that matched the palette of the plush pillows from Sweet Salvaged Rentals and our table setting.  The laser cut words from Creative Amme was the perfect finishing touch for all our photo ops.”

It was a magical setting on a sweet afternoon- a perfect way for two little girls to ring in their 5th and 6th birthdays!