Red White & Berry Bright July 4th Party Inspiration

Brianna Kozlarek / Tuesday June 25, 2019

With the forth of July just around the corner, we are over here getting excited and inspired to throw a Red White and Berry Bright backyard soiree. In my mind, there’s nothing better than a good bbq with friends amidst the warmth of summer. We are also suckers for all things berry & sweet so this party nestled in a delightful nook with a quiet seating area was quite a treat. With touches of stars and a few stripes, the planners incorporated textures and prints into the signature Fourth of July color pallet.

More details from the planners, Keep it Colorful:

“First lets start with our menu! From dressed-up watermelon pizza slices topped with edible flowers to the best corn dog recipe, let these festive bites by Purely Simple inspire you. Over here we think it’s fun to find classic dishes that highlight Summer’s mouth watering produce. Florals  by Poppy Cart were bright and wild, reminding us of what the nights sky will become. Red poppies were floating in arrangements with beautiful blue hued peonies and white cloud like hydrangeas (to name a few). Blue sprayed pampas grass arrangements sat in large lanterns resembling fire.

“If you appreciate a well crafted cocktail as much as we do our ‘Thyme To Sparkle’ Strawberry beverages look as spectacular as they taste. As if this wasn’t cute enough the stir sticks created by Creative Amme made them sparkle even more. You cant have a party without cake so to end the night with a sweet treat we indulged in strawberry champagne cake with a berry butter cream frosting.”